Business Family

We love to create innovative and especially delicious drinks that will celebrate special moments, but also give you a reason to take time every day for your own pleasures and discovering yourself.


We have created several unique products and applied technologies in production that have not been used before. We respect tradition, but we think avant-garde and push the boundaries of the conventional.

Builders and gardeners

We built a production facility and an office building, and planted an orchard and a herb garden in a small and sweet Bestovje. We are ardent advocates of recycling, because nature is our greatest muse.

Party People

In Croatia we have made 4,237 cheerful promotions in the past 20 years.


Over 50% of our revenues are generated by selling our products on the European market.


In 38 years we have created more than 30 patently protected products.


We have sold some products to international spirits houses, and today we are developing projects intended for higher education of bartenders and raising the culture and quality of drinking.


In Nimco Brands & Liqueurs, we create serious products in an alternative way. We create innovative spirit brands, from the very idea of something new, through creating recipe and packaging design, to building a well-known brand. We often take work home with us, and we never come to a party empty-handed.

Nimco brands & liqueurs
Nimco Proizvodi


Do you know how we create a new product @nimcobrands?

First, the idea of a new product comes up. Then we start drawing on paper… from the drawing we create a collage. We make about 10-15 variants but usually opt for the first variant. of course.

After that, we make blueprints of the bottle, closure, label, case.. We do a lot of different basic recipes for a spirit until we agree on the best. Then we do 15-20 shades of that best spirit color… with a heavy heart we opt for one, but we actually like at least three.

We spend the next 20 days writing info materials about the product itself. This part is especially challenging for us because we need to summarize in 5 sentences everything we know and feel about the product.

The entire process of creating a new product takes between 6 and 18 months. After so many days of obsessive work, can you imagine how we feel when we see it on a store shelf?    


Nimcro doo is a privately held company founded in 1994 by Nikola Serdar – owner of NIM GmbH, which, by that time, had been successfully working on the German market for eleven years.

Nimco is a Croatian spirits producer, with an assortment of 18 patently protected brands.

It is recognizable primarily for its brands, among which Dalmatino, Blacky, Cobalt, Moretto and exclusive Brioni Collection stand out, because the attention of the company management is focused primarily on the needs and preferences of end-consumers.

In 2011 Nimco acquisitioned Istravino’s legendary brands Pepito and Istra Bitter, redesigned them and gave them a new lifecycle on the Croatian market.

In 2016, the company has undergone a minor rebranding, getting slightly changed and modernized visual and verbal identity, and changing the name into Nimco Brands & Liqueurs Ltd.

Quality and innovation in the design of products and brands is the main guiding principle in everyday business, which results in a high share of revenues generated on the European market, in the total revenues of the company. Over 50% of total revenues are generated by Nimco through the sale of its own brands in the markets of Northern Europe.

The company also has its own production facility in Bestovje and continuously invests in technological progress and development. However, we do not consider ourselves producers but creators of new values.


To continuously discover new trends in spirits consumption and develop innovative products for the ultimate experience of our consumers. We want you to take a break with our drinks, find inspiration and dedicate time to discovering your own joys and passions.


To become an indispensable player in the production of spirits with highly set production and business standards. We are set in creating new values for our consumers, earning and keeping their trust, we act responsibly towards them as well as towards all our partners, employees and community itself.


Creating new trends and habits in spirits consumption Creating the image of a desirable partner in business Becoming the second largest domestic spirits producer Triple the sales volume Strengthening position in foreign markets