With a tie on the bottle’s neck, these premium miniatures already clearly communicate charming character and accessibility at first glance. This charming gift pack consists of 3 x 50ml bottles of different liqueurs. The distinctiveness of Croatian Miniatures souvenir lies in the unique motifs of Croatian heritage.



The special features of Croatian Miniatures souvenir lie in the unique motifs of Croatian heritage and the most delicious liqueur flavors of our region. With a tie on the bottle’s neck, Nimco’s premium miniatures Croatian Miniatures already clearly communicate charming character and accessibility at first glance. They consist of 3 different types of liqueurs that come in 50 ml bottles.


The Glagolitic alphabet is the oldest known Slavic script. Everything “oldest” and “first” in Croatia was realized by Glagolitic script (Baška tablet, Vinodol statute, etc.). Glagolitic script is a type of alphabet that was conceived, i.e. completely created in the middle of the 9th century. The aim was simpler writing of Slavic languages ​​for the needs of spreading Christianity among Slavic peoples. This letter was created for the speech system of the area around Thessaloniki, on the basis of which the first Slavic literary language was developed: the Church Slavonic literary language.


Croatian lacemaking as an intangible world heritage site was inscribed on UNESCO’s list of intangible world heritage in Europe in 2009. Although initially related to the clergy and the nobility, lacemaking comes to us through traditional transmission and material remains as part of the ethnographic heritage, related to the rural population. We find it as part of traditional textile handicrafts within autarchic rural production. It was intended primarily for decorating women’s traditional clothing and linen accessories. Today in Croatia there are three main centers for making lace, whose activities are a continuation of a long tradition. These are: Lepoglava in Hrvatsko zagorje with bobbin lace, and on the Adriatic the town of Pag with lace on a needle and the town of Hvar with agave lace.


The cravat, original Croatian product spread across Europe in the 17th century through Croatian soldiers in the Thirty Years’ War. Since October 18, 2003, Tie Day has been celebrated. At that time, Marijan Bušić’s author’s installation Tie around the Arena was performed in Pula. It was also shown by some world television stations, and in that way it was seen by more than a billion people. The installation consisted of connecting the red thread of all Croatian regions with cultural and geographical differences.


Croatiann Miniatures souvenir is handmade product, original Croatian liqueurs presented in 3 different flavors.

Product name Moretto Medica
Product category liqueur
ABV 16%-40% vol.
Product size 3x 50 ml
Packaging type glass
Country of origin Croatia
Expiration date Unlimited
Gross weight of single unit 3x 0,15 kg
Recommended storage and transport temperature max. 20°C


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