Creating spirits is our passion. It is a complex process that brings out the strongest emotions, sometimes frustration, but more often pleasure and pride. In almost 40 years of work we have experienced both ups and downs, and we gladly share stories about our journey and experience with everyone who visits us and often remains surprised by the ambience we have created.


In the Still Room, relaxed in comfortable armchairs, we will socialize in an incredibly pleasant atmosphere created by the warmth and hum of the distilling apparatus. While we wait for the first drops of noble distillate to flow, we will talk about the production process, some specifics and interesting things that we have learned over time and a multitude of events that have marked our lives and etched into our memory.


If you are in a cheerful and numerous company, we will organize a tasting of our various products in the space of a modern bar, prepare an interesting cocktail and spend time together in casual chat about everything you are interested in in our daily business activities.

If you want us to organize a personalized visit for your company or if you want us to make a gin according to the recipe you designed yourself or in cooperation with our master distiller, contact us at


If you organize an event for a larger number of people and need larger volume of different spirits, we will help you with advice, recommendation, affordable prices and the possibility of returning unused quantities. If you need a minimum of 20 litres of spirits for your event, please contact us at to create a special offer for you.