Red Hot Chili Peppers formed

Nikola Serdar formed NIM GmbH Germany with mission to create patent protected spirits portfolio.

Opening of XIV Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo

German market is opened for Julischka.

$30.5m  placed in winners pocket by New York Lottery

Julischka is placed in retail, selling in Metro, Fegro, Edeka, Rewe etc.

Aretha Franklin became first woman accepted in R'n'R Hall of Fame

Strotmann AG (D) and Istravino d.d. (HR) became cooperators

Eurovision's winner is Croatian band Riva with a song "Rock me"

NIM enters EU Duty Free Shops

John McEnroe became  first tennis player ever kicked out of Australian Open

NIM and BOLS became cooperators.

Olympic Games take over Barcelona; spectacular performance of Freddie Mercury & Monserrat Caballe

BORCO Hamburg takes over distribution in Germany

The 42nd Street Art Project“ held in New York on Times Square

Dalmatino project got on its feet

Picasso's painting "La Rêve" sold for $62m

Promotion of Jägerhorn - sold to Jägermeister in 2002

30 years since establishing first Arpanet computer net project, later called Internet

Blacky and Blue X vodka project development

Goran Ivanišević was the first Wimbeldon winner with a Wild Card

Founding of the first company in Croatia, NIMCRO Ltd

Janica Kostelić takes 3 gold and 1 silver medal at Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City

Levitan AG Switzerland overtakes NIM GmbH

Pilot project "Sky as a gift" trained 14 teachers for outdoor astronomy education

Kräuter PELIN project development

Google bought YouTube for $1.65bn

Kräuter PELIN launched onto the market - buy your own sample!

Led Zeppelin going on a tour?

Coca-Cola and PELIN started a joint project Ze(ro)pelin

Earth population reached 7 bn

NIMCRO portfolio reached 16 brands with aquisition of 9 Istravino brands

PSY 6 releases Gangnam Style. It quickly went viral. By the end of the year, the video was the most watched clip in the history of the internet.

Brioni Collection is the most exclusive brandy collection in Croatia. Brioni Collection consists of 5 limited collections aged for a minimum of 30 years.

Apple unveils new iPhone 5s and final overview of iOS7.

A Gentleman Amongst Miniatures unveiled, first premium product in miniature segment.

Sotheby's introduces auction of the largest diamond discovered in over a century

Nimco introduced premium asortment of spirits - Cobalt vodka, Five Corners gin and Cubana Bar rum

Dionizijana, a 22nd International Organoleptic Evaluation of Wines and Strong Alcoholic Beverages, finished - Cobalt vodka won gold medal

Nimcro succesfully finished the process of building a business & production facility, relocating to Bestovje and changing the company name to Nimco brands & liqueurs

Missy Elliot became the first female rapper inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame

Wein Wolf became new exclusive distribution partner for Germany

World Rally Championship is making its debut in Croatia this April

Nimco’s premium fruit brandy Purist is making its debut in Croatia this April